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Beating the Odds: what it takes to be exceptional
Cancer: it's not all in the genes
Cancer: self-help vs. guilt and blame

Cancer Prevention: what we need to know
Cancer, Weight Gain and Inactivity: drop the pounds and cut the risk
Challenging the Odds: forget the prognosis
A Deadly Waiting Game: early detection is key
Facing Cancer: Not now, she's having a no hair day!
Insights of the Masters: Bernie style
Look to This Day:the challenges of coping with cancer
Stress-Cancer Connection: breakthrough findings present possible explanation for treatment failures

Survivors: Who are they?
When Doctors Get Cancer: new perspectives for caring

Whole Person Cancer Care: an extraordinary opportunity at a critical juncture

Affirmations: creating our positive outlook

The Boomerang Effect: It's bound to come back and hit you!

Compassion: the power to transform ourselves and our conflicts
Discovering An Inner Perspective:healing within
Discovering What's Right With Us: harnessing our inner healing resources

Finding Our Way: navigating the maze of life

Follow Your Heart: and you'll find your way home

Getting To Know You:
shaping the healer within
It's Been A Long, Long Time: a synchronous message of love
Mend a Hole: in the threads of life
Nurturing Relationships: hug for longevity
Where Healing Begins: the foundations of respect


Adolescent Development: become your child's mentor
Back to School: building successful dialogues with teens
Back to School: with a healthy attitude
Concussions in Sports: a new perspective on the real danger
Educating Our Children: a mind-body perspective
Hole in the Woods: a healing example for all of us

Hyperactivity: what we need to know (part I of a II-part series)
Hyperactivity: what we need to know (part II of a II-part series)

Making Our Schools Safer:
our shared responsibility
Prescribe a Hug: instead of a drug
Healthy Lifestyles in Teens: and the reality of peer pressure

Alcoholism: when the problem hits home
Alternative Medicine: or striving for whole person care
Baboon + Pig: and the potential future of diabetes control
Brittle Bones: take an aggressive stance
A Global Perspective of AIDS: our shared responsibility

Childhood Asthma: a new approach
Depression: key insights for the elderly - Part I
Depression: key insights for the elderly - Part II
Diabetes & Heart Disease: reducing the risk
Diabetes on the rise: a wakeup call to change your lifestyle
Heart Attack Survival in Women: an unfortunate stereotype
Heart disease: knowing the risk
High Blood Pressure: a new twist on the white coat syndrome
Mental Gymnastics: couch potatos and Alzheimers disease
The Mouse That Roared: preventing diabetes in children

MS:an early treatment strategy worth considering
Preventing AIDS: on the global horizon
Out of the Jungle:a new discovery for Diabetics

Sleep Deprivation: alternatives to counting sheep

Snoring: a serious risk factor for heart disease

Snoring: treatment alternatives that make sense

Stroke Prevention: tell your wife to take a hike  

Chronic Pain: when the injury doesn't fit
Daily Headaches: when the cure hurts
Hope: a welcome companion for an aching back  

Beam Me Up Scotty: technology at a cost

Broken Heart: a cardiac risk factor for women
The Buck Stops Here: the economics of prevention
Buyer Beware: this isn't what the doctor ordered
Celebrity Medicine: a rational approach to media hype
Cloning: taking life into whose hands?
Consciousness: communications technology and the new millennium
The Downside: employee absenteeism
The Future of Medicine: projections for the new millennium
Growing Pains: the challenge of integrating medicine
Healthcare: restructuring a flawed system
Hello Dolly: or is it Polly?
Here's the Code: What's Next?
Infertility: a whole person solution
My Tummy Hurts: a new elixir for a frustrating problem
Mind and Body: technological predictions for the future
Responsible Choice: morality & healthcare
Stem Cell Research: the good, the bad and the obvious
Superbugs: survival of the fittest
Synergy in Healthcare: working together to meet the challenges of the future

There Ought To Be a New Law: protecting consumers
Where We Were: and where we are going
Working Together: solving the health care crisis


Getting together for the Holidays: memories everlasting
Spring-ing into Action: growing new brain cells
A Time For Honoring Grandparents: a holiday wish to foster healing in the golden years
The Holiday Season: a time to go the extra mile
Tis the Season: to awaken the inner child

Twelve Prescriptions for Christmas: a perspective for discovering the holiday spirit

FUN: the secret of staying in shape for health
Laugh at Yourself: turn that frown upside down
Laugh in the Face of Adversity: I'm only kidding
Laughter: a prescription for wellness

Andro Is Not Your Buddy: debunking the myth
An Update on Herbs: natural isn't without side effects
Herbal Medicine: real drugs with real side-effects
Herbal Medicine vs. Prescription Drugs: a challenging issue
Herbs and Infertility: new findings than can make a difference  


Acupuncture: a practice of the ancients substantiated by modern medical science

Brain Power: pumping iron mentally
Caught in the Net: addiction or not?
Chicken Soup: and healing insights at the dinner table

The Elusive Diagnosis: when dis-ease leads to disease
Facing Our Fears: navigating the path to wholeness
Feeling Good: reaching the top of your game
Forever Young: attitude of longevity
Fun in the Sun: keeping it safe
The Glass That's Half Full: optimism and longevity

A Good Night's Sleep: without drugs
A Great Day: What does it take?
Healthy Attitude: Do you have what it takes?
Healthy Attitude: survival 101
Inspiring Compliance: a new RX
It Keeps on Ticking: understanding your biological clock
Learning to be: worry-free

Maintaining a Sense of Control: a healthier approach for wellness

Maximizing Memory: use it or lose it!

Menopause: insights for preventing osteoporosis and lowering cancer risk

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: How do I compare to them all?
Nail Soup: just add the spices
Never Too Old To Learn: reversing the aging process
On Being Human: the delinquents
Out of Work Syndrome:reestablishing control
Placebo Power - more than just a sugar pill

The River of Life: an invitation to paddle

Resolution for the New Year: Goal Setting 101
Staying Young with Tai Chi: an exercise of mind, body and spirit

Stress begins at an early age: before you might imagine
The Stress-Fat Connection:the thick and thin of your figure

The Stress-Memory Connection: key insights for your future
Touch: more than just skin deep

Time Out: for living life fully
Transforming Work: into satisfaction and personal empowerment
Weight Loss for Real: drop the pounds without dieting
Whose Responsibility?: food for thought

Burning America: murder under the law
Depression and Brain Damage:2 more reasons not to smoke
Smoking Prevention: the good, the bad and the ugly
Tobacco: a global epidemic
Up In Smoke: another crucial legislative step
Up In Smoke: when murder is a profitable industry


Asthma: musical instruments as medical instruments
Deep Within: drumming as a healing strategy
to the beat of life
Got Rhythm? - Part I
Got Rhythm? - Part II
Guided Imagery: a new approach for conventional healthcare
Healing: to the beat of an inner drummer
Little Drummer Boy: a precious gift of inspiration
Music-Making:practicalpiano tuning insights
Music and Medicine: the universal language of mind, body and soul
Music Enters: where words cannot pass
One Happy Family: notes of camaraderie
Orchestrating Healthcare in the Future: the sounds of healing
Recreational Music-Making: mind, body, spirit and wellness
Rhythmaculture: the roots of community
Sound Advice for Health: the musical elixir of our minds
Sounds Like Silence: and chronic pain

Take Two Music Lessons in the Golden Years: and call me in the morning

Virtuoso: mind, body and spirit in harmony

A New Day: for wisdom of choice
The Carpenter's Lesson: building your future with pride
Collective Consciousness: seeing the forest rather than the trees
How Would You Introduce Yourself: to God
Integrating Prayer into Medicine: a "whole person" approach
Modern Day Noah: fundamentals of ark building
On Tattered Wings: a closer look
Religious Practice:a spiritual foundation of health

WORDSWORDSWORDS:sharp and to the point
Where's the Spirit?: Its role in Mind-Body Medicine

Lost Generation: suddenly found
Onward: as the dust settles
Perspectives: of moving onward
Survival Perspectives: from shock value to crisis